Geospatial Data Analytics - Nervous system for the planet

Geospatial analytics involves analyzing, modeling and visualizing of Geographic Information in order to study complex and intricate spatial processes. Umpteen number of real-world problems are solved by using geospatial analytics. Advancements in geospatial analytics are rapidly transforming science, society and decision-making by helping us understand spatial aspects of built and natural environments, and communicating location-aware information among people and places

Our Services

We, at IIITM-K, implements and manages Geoinformatic services for the whole mankind. Come and join us in this wonderful journey.
We are here to offer you the world class services in Geoinfromatics. Check out our services below.

PG Programmes

M.Sc. in Geospatial Data Analytics Duration:– 2Years, Affiliated to CUSAT, IT oriented curriculum, Technology enhanced learning, Experience in Live projects, State-of-the-art Lab Facilities

Training Programmes

We are conducting several short training programs in Geospatial Data Analytics, Geoinformatics, Web-GIS, Mobile GIS etc.

Research & Development

Our Key research area includes Geostatistics, Data Modelling,Data Mining, Spatial Databases, Web GIS,Mobile GIS, Cloud Computing, Free and open source GIS, Dynamic online Spatial Data Sources.

GIS Customization

In the case of desktop and professional level GIS the process of customisation typically involves modification of a standard GUI.More sophisticated users may be allowed access to the underlying core GIS capabilities and database.

Consultancy Services

GPS survey and mapping, design & development of spatial database and Web GIS Applications, Geographical data analysis, Geo visualization, Geostatistical analysis

FOSS for Geoinformatics

FOSS4GIS applications is set up by IIITM-K, considering the emerging scope of Geospatial Information in problems which are having potential impact on Academics, Research and in Government.

Geospatial analysis is the gathering, display, and manipulation of imagery, GPS, satellite photography and historical data

Awesome Facilities

IIITM-K houses one of the State-of-the-art Lab for GeoInfromatics in India.
With world class facilities, it is among the top GeoInformatics Laboratories in India. Check out the facilities.

Geospatial Data collection

HandHeld GPS
Vehicle Tracking Unit
Differential Global Positioning System(Leica DGPS)

Aerial Photo Interpretation

Mirror Stereoscope with Binocular and Parallax Bar

Geoinformatics Software

ArcGIS Desktop 10 (Mater Lab kit)
ArcGIS Server 10
ArcPAD 10
ERDAS 2011 with Leica Photogrammetric Suite
LPS Photogrammetric and image processing software

Dedicated Servers

Two SixCore Intel Xeon Intel X5675,Intel X5675 Chipset
24 GB DDR3 Memory
Hard disk capacity of 5 TB

Our Works

We are here to build a smarter and flatter earth for you..
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About Us

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IIITM-K is a premier institution of excellence in Science, Technology and Management related to Information that develops professionals and leaders of high calibre imbued with values of entrepreneurship, ethics and social responsibility. IIITM-K will actively promote higher education and industry across Kerala and beyond through its IT facilitated education programs and services.

GIS Team

The GIS team has experts in Development and Data Management.We believe small teams can carry a big punch.

We enjoy collaborating with our clients and educating them and ourselves.We are devoted to using new and improved technologies.Our team is passionate about what they do and it shows in our work

We bring quality and perfectionism to each project. We don't make promises we can't keep, so we’ll tell you at the start if your idea is feasible.

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Meet The Team

Dr. Saji Gopinath.
Director and Professor

Mr. Radhakrishnan T
Project Coordinator
Geospatial Data Analytics
Dr. T. K. Manoj Kumar
Project Coordinator
Computational Science
Mr. R.Ajith Kumar
Project Coordinator
Agri Informatics

Mr. Vishnukabil M
Senior Geoscientist
Mr. Sarath Zacharia
Senior Project Associate
Mr. Arun G
Senior Project Associate

Mr. Lal Prakash P L
Senior Developer
Mr. Mohamed Hashif K
Senior Geoscientist
Mr. Visakh V L
Senior Web GIS Developer

Ms. Vishnuja A Nair
Software Developer
Mrs. Anju S
Web Developer
Ms. Sadhika Krishnan S K


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